Making the Most of your Experience: Sharing your Global Internship Story

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Doing a global internship opens many doors for your future career, as well as your personal development. While learning new skills, meeting new people, and conducting business in different languages, you are seeing the world and engaging in new experiences from so many angles. Sharing your story is just as important as attending your internship each day. When you share your story you are solidifying your experience and learnings, showing the world your journey, as well as inspiring future students to follow in your footsteps. 

This summer, follow along with Alfonso, Brenda and Renee as they travel the world, begin their professional careers, and share their stories from China, Germany and England. 

Alfonso Q. 

"I'm definitely excited about these next weeks in Shanghai. It's a completely new experience for me and I think there is so much to learn. I already know I'll miss this city when it's time to head back to San Diego."

Meet Alfonso, a student Global Intern from The University of California, San Diego. He is currently living, working, and studying abroad in Shanghai, China. Alfonso is a Business major with an interest in marketing, finance and communications. This summer, he will be interning in Shanghai while he looks to expand upon his language skills, international relations and more. Alfonso is excited to get to know Shanghai, the beautiful skylines, as well as engage in the bustling Chinese culture. 

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Renee S. 

"Exploring London has given me a new perspective, helped me form friendships, and truly brought this destination to life.  If this first week has been any indication, the rest of my summer in London will be amazing! The journey starts here."

Meet Renee, a student Global Intern from Tulane University. She is currently living, working, and studying abroad in London, England. Renee is a junior studying Environmental Biology. During her summer abroad, she will be interning for The Conservation Volunteers. Through this internship, Renee will be able to pursue her passion for environmental conservation and explore the various parks and green spaces in London. Her passion can come to life in London, England as she explores future career possibilities and makes new contacts along the way. 

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Brenda G.

"My hopes for this summer are to meet locals, explore the city, learn basic German phrases, sharpen my academic and professional skills."

Meet Brenda, a student Global Intern from The University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently living, working, and studying abroad in Berlin, Germany. Brenda's major is World Arts and Cultures. Currently, in Berlin, she is interning at Initiative Craft Agency where she is working on marketing and developing on gallery spaces. Brenda’s passions include art, culture, language, photography, and travel. This summer, Brenda is excited to meet new people in the program, locals from Berlin, explore the city, and check-out art museums!

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