A look at the daily life of migrants in Seville

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Summer Language + Culture

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Oscar Ceballos

By looking for the exceptional, the photographer finds that which is common to all individuals: the desire for a place to call home, a peaceful environmente in which to grow and develop, nurturing our loved ones and living in a community that respects all.

Last July, students of the courses 'Three Cultures of Spain: Jews, Christians and Muslims' and 'Advanced Spanish Language', part of Session II of the program Summer Language & Culture, visited the photo exhibition "24 horas en la vida de..." at Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo. The author of the photos and photography professor at CIEE Seville Antonio Pérez introduced the 24 students and their two professors to the exhibition, that shows different aspects of the life of migrants who have found a new home in different cities of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. The students' observation of this humane portrayal of life as seen with the eyes of its own protagonists, many of whom had fled their countries of origin in order to avoid violence, discrimination or poverty, or who have simply started a new life in Andalusia, was completed with a truly engaging photo exercise in which students, thanks to the power to the 'metaimage' were invited to see themselves in the place of the other (the brother or sister, the friend). See for yourself...