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College Study Abroad

It has been a month since Language and Culture Arts students arrived in Barcelona! They have been very busy with their classes, getting to know the city and participating in a lot cultural events such as diverse tours to get to know the city, gym classes or day trips.

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Orientation, city tours and Three Wise Men parade

During the first three days of orientation, students attended different talks about health and safety, bystander intervention workshop, academics, cultural activities, intercultural competence and volunteering opportunities. It was also the time to meet their host families; get around the city with their Guardian Angels (Spanish students); and even enjoy de traditional Three Wise Men Parade that celebrates Epiphany in Spain. 


CIEE is offering a wide range of weekly day trips so students get to know other parts of Catalonia. Students are enjoying their trips to the mountains of Montserrat, the Roman city Tarragona; or the city of Girona and the Dalí Museum.


Our host institution, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, offers a class called Neuroscience for Humanities. This class is specially addressed for Pre-med or STEM students.  The course starts with a general overview of the brain to then review how the sensory systems build up a representation of the world, with particular reference to the visual and auditory systems.  Christopher, a STEM student from Vanderbilt University commented: “This class is very interesting because it connects neuroscience with humanities. We are going to visit the National Catalan Art Museum to look at the paintings from the neuroscience point of view.”

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