Internships in Palma de Mallorca with CIEE

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Antonia Ferriol

In Spring 2019, five students did their internships at the following companies: Brújula Technological Solutions (finance department); DLG International musical events (events department); Hotel Caballero offices (finance and human resources); Palma Superyatch Show (events department); and Hotel Jave offices (accounting intervention).

These are some of the things our students commented about their internships:

"At Brújula they were all extremely friendly to me. They gave me suggestions of places I should go and visit in Mallorca and I would eat lunch with them on the days that I was in the office for the entire day. They were very inclusive and made me feel as though I was a part of the team. Whenever I would have any troubles, they were also very eager to help me. It was a great opportunity to enrich my time abroad by having the chance to work at a Spanish company. This allowed me to cultivate a more global view of the business world and get a better understanding of how different cultures operate and overall develop a sense of awareness and understanding for cultural differences in the workplace. I had the chance to hone and practice my critical thinking and analysis skills, which is another thing that will be important in my future job."

Our students not only completed 130 hours of work but they did an informed final presentation about their experience. This is a very interesting event for everybody!


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