Internships in Palma with CIEE

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Antonia Ferriol

A new group of students arrived on Monday. We did two days of orientation and they moved into their homestays the first day. They all have had their internship interviews and have actually started to work. Ellie is working at Moments, an International Wedding Events Agency. Sydney is working at PalmaAquarium, as well in the Events department. Zoe is working at Hotel Caballero, within the human resources and purchases department.

We do not have a picture of them at their internships yet, but yesterday we took this funny picture during a shopping tour with one of our guardian angel Spanish students.

They are very determined to learn Spanish, and I think they will enjoy a lot being in class with Marina, our Beginning Spanish instructor. They will also take Mediterranean Cuisine and Intercultural Communication. And of course one direct enrollment class, which will be as well a wonderful opportunity to meet other Spanish and International students.


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