Internships 101: The Benefits of an Unpaid Internship

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Global Internships

Yes - unpaid! There are so many reasons why doing an unpaid full-time or part-time internship is a good choice and has major benefits. Doing a Global Internship with CIEE while you are in college has even more. There are ample opportunities for you to engage with a new community, culture, and learn new skills. You also can continue earning credit towards your degree. Internships give you professional experience directly related to your career goals – that’s priceless. Check out some reasons why we think an unpaid internship, leads to bigger career moves, employment advancement, and more!

1) Career Exploration: gain real-world experience early on

You can bet you will be ahead of the applicant pool upon graduation if you have a CIEE Global Internship on your resume. Test drive your career path with hands-on experience at companies both big and small. From start-ups to multinational companies, our Global Interns have seen successes that led to future careers and better paying jobs after college. Don’t believe us? Check out Josie’s story below – she landed a job at Visa after her internship in London.

“I regard my internship as the springboard that has led to my successes.”

2) Build your resume: start early and see success

Show prospective employers you’ve got the skills they need to succeed from day one. Being a Global Intern will allow you to have a foundation on your resume that other applicants won’t upon college graduation. Get your experience early, and often, and find more ease when you transition to working full-time. Need some tips for brushing up your resume? Check out Internships 101: Creating the perfect resume.

3) Grow your global network: make invaluable contacts for life

Do you have a dream of working internationally one day? Take your career overseas by making connections with employers and colleagues around the world. Plus, you never know who you will meet at your internship from other universities who are also interning. Building your network will help you in both your personal and professional life. Get a jumpstart now! Browse current programs.

4) Acquire global competencies: outmatch your fellow applicants

With a CIEE Global Internship you will develop strong communication skills, the flexibility to work in diverse teams, and the ability to navigate across cultures. This will allow you to stand out to future employers who may be looking for someone with more skills than another entry level employee who did not do an internship.

All our internships will complement your field of study and coursework. Your internship will provide you with a broader sense of self while giving you valuable perspective on your chosen career path. Every internship with CIEE is immersive, integrated, individual, and impactful. Learn more about 18 different cities you could be a Global Intern in here. Already know where you want to live and intern abroad? Send us an email

Did you know? CIEE offers $8 million in scholarships & grants annually. Not only is CIEE the nonprofit leader in international education, it is also the industry leader in scholarships and grants. More than 2,000 students a year benefit from generous award pools, including free airfare to Pell-eligible students, MSI grants, and more. Learn more about applying for a scholarship for your internship program here

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