Hiking in Mallorca: It's SpecTREKular

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Sydney H.

Sydney H.
I know… that pun was terrible. But I promise hiking the Tramuntana Mountains is way more captivating than my puns. 

After the beach days of summer are over, a new pastime sets in: hiking. And Mallorca has some of the best in the world-- its mountains are protected by UNESCO. I am by no means an avid hiker, yet I have found myself on a new trek each chance I get to take advantage of this novelty.

My First Hike: Port de Soller to Deia

This was a fairly easy hike due to its accessibility and fairly flat terrain. From the port it’s a trek up to the lighthouse and on into the trail. From stepping off the bus in the port until arriving at the next bus stop in Deia, it took me a little under four hours, including a lunch stop. This hike is a must-try for beginning hikers because it is well-marked and there’s no need for a guide. But beware of Mallorca’s dry stone paths, they’re extremely slippery and best suited for hiking shoes, not tennis shoes.


Next Stop: Cami d’es Arxiduc


Wow. All I can say is wow. This was by far my favorite hike with the most breathtaking views. We actually did a longer loop of this trail which starts and ends in Valledemossa. On our route we climbed two peaks and stopped for a lunch break for a total of about six hours of hiking. This trail was more difficult than the one in Port de Soller, so I’d suggest downloading a trail map beforehand. And make sure you know which trails are free! The longer route we took was more spectacular but we did have to pay a fee for the descent on private property.


Third Trek: Castell d’Alaro

This route is definitely the most flexible. You can walk up the mountain from the town of Alaro like I did, or you can also drive up most of it with only a short twenty-minute hike to the castle ruins. The “castle” is actually ruins of what used to be, but nonetheless cool to explore. Either way you make it to the top, the views at the top are just as amazing and so are the ones along the way.


Final Climb: Puig de Massanella

Massanella is the highest reachable peak in Mallorca and climbing it is no small feat. I did this hike with my class and we were led by a local guide. This trail was by far the most exciting, with the descent consisting of narrow passages and steep cliffs. And the best part: by the end you’ve conquered the tallest hike in the Tramuntana Mountains.


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