Getting a Lash Lift in South Korea! (Foreigner Friendly/Non-Korean Speaking Friendly)

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Madeleine D.

Madeleine D.

"Shu Lashes": Good Experience or Cheap rip-off?

Earlier this month, on April 10, 2022, I went to Itaewon on the recommendation of my two friends to get my first ever lash lift. Located in Itaewon off exit 2, “Shu Lashes” could be described as a “small business” and most definitely “foreigner-friendly” (a term that is vital for non-Korean speaking people when going to businesses). The place I went to not only did lash lifts but also tinting, touch-ups, removal, eyelash serum, and many different styles of lash extensions. 

When one of my friends first brought me to the building I was honestly shocked at how simple it looked. I only heard of people getting their beauty care done in office buildings or professional companies in the states but this place was the opposite of what I was expecting. 

When I arrived for my appointment, the place was a small 1 bedroom apartment and the living room was where her station was set up. My friend told me of this setup so I expected to not be surprised but I was and for anyone who wasn’t aware I would assume it’d be a shock to them as well. The place is easy to find since she gives detailed instructions with pictures.

Shu Lashes Interior

My first Impression of her:

The woman who did my lashes, I never got her name so we’ll call her “Ms. Shu”, was extremely sweet and spoke pretty good English. As per usual for Asian customs, I was asked to take off my shoes and then put my belongings near the door. Once I laid down and she started on my lashes everything went smoothly. The room was at a comfortable warm temperature and the radio station (which played K-Pop) was set at a soft low level. As I was laying there, extremely comfortable, I could tell how much effort she put into making her customers feel safe and welcome. In the beginning, she told me to let her know if I was ever uncomfortable or in pain and throughout the process, she was extremely kind and gentle. She told me the whole process would take around 1.5/2 hours and my friends who got lash lifts also got their procedure done within the same amount of time. I was so comfortable that I fell asleep multiple times and she was so gentle that I didn’t feel a thing (I probably was awake for 45 minutes out of the whole 2 hours).

Is it worth the trip?

I highly recommend going to her for a lash lift. If I’m honest I was a little disappointed with the result. In the beginning, I told her I was considering a lash lift and tint or extensions but she told me my lashes were long enough for a lift only and since I had dark brown/black hair she advised me against the tint. I honestly respect Ms. Shu for not trying to convince me to do the more expensive procedure but the one that would best suit my face. 

After I left she Kakao’ed me very specific instructions about how to care for my lashes and even gave me a sweet little bag with something to care for my lashes as well as two pieces of candy inside it. I recommend going to her for a lift but my friends said they didn’t have great experiences with their lash extensions (instead of lasting the standard 6 weeks it only lasted 2). 

After lash lift

Some general rules she gave me before I went to my appointment to take note of:

  • Her business has reservation system so coming on time or a couple minutes early is vital

  • Let her know no more than 3 hours in advance if you wish to change or cancel your reservation

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late “without prior communication” your reservation will be automatically canceled

  • If you arrive 10 minutes early contact her to see if you can be taken early


If you’re interested in booking an appointment her instagram is @shu407.

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