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Arts + Sciences Seoul, South Korea


Feeling FOMO in South Korea

By Madeleine D.

High expectations and higher let downs For those who enjoy K-pop like me, while anticipating coming to South Korea I had such high expectations for what I would do. I... keep reading

Traveling to Busan

By Madeleine D.

This past week (June 4-6) I traveled with friends to Busan. Even though we were there for a short period of time we tried to visit all the hit areas... keep reading

Jeonju International Film Festival

By Madeleine D.

Jeonju is one of those hidden gems that people don’t hear about until after they’ve left. Luckily there was a film festival going on and I heard about this area... keep reading

Getting Swindled in Hongdae

By Madeleine D.

Seoul is known to have the stereotype of being a very safe place to live. That stereotype, in my experience, is mostly true. I have seen situations where someone lost... keep reading

Getting a Lash Lift in South Korea! (Foreigner Friendly/Non-Korean Speaking Friendly)

By Madeleine D.

"Shu Lashes": Good Experience or Cheap rip-off? Earlier this month, on April 10, 2022, I went to Itaewon, located in Seoul , on the recommendation of my two friends to... keep reading

CIEE Sponsored Event – Nami Island

By Madeleine D.

Earlier this month, April 3, 2022, CIEE took a select few students to Nami Island free of charge. When I first signed up through the google doc I was extremely... keep reading

Midterms in South Korea: A severe culture shock

By Madeleine D.

An atmosphere of intense anxiety Midterms in America don’t seem like such a big deal but in South Korea they’re everything. They determine almost your entire grade and for the... keep reading

Preparing for the Cold in Seoul

By Madeleine D.

As the spring season is approaching and cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom it’s easy to forget about the brutally cold winter South Korea just went through. I am currently... keep reading

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