Four Places to Visit While Studying Abroad in Rome

By Trynity Scott

I absolutely adored studying abroad in Rome. It has so much history and things to see and do. You can learn something from every piece of ruins it has to offer. While I loved Rome, I knew I wanted to see more of Italy. Rome is not only a great place to be itself, but it is also a great place to get to other locations from.

My favorite place I visited in Italy was Capri. Now I know that the Amalfi Coast can be very busy and expensive, but I do think that if you are in Italy it is a must-see at least once. If you are planning on staying in Amalfi or the famous Positano, I recommend rethinking that and looking for an Airbnb in Atrani. Atrani is the next city over from Amalfi and it is only a five-minute walk away. There is a tunnel you can take that leads directly to Amalfi from Atrani and staying in Atrani I found it to be significantly cheaper.

From Atrani you are able to take a ferry to Capri which is an Island right off of the coast. There I saw the bluest waters I had ever seen! The island was gorgeous surrounded by mountains and decorated with the most colourful wildflowers. If you go to Capri I recommend looking online beforehand for a boat tour around the island, the sights from the water looking onto the island were incredible.

My next runner-up to my favourite place I visited in Italy was Venice, the city built on water. Venice is about a four-hour train ride from Rome, hence my friends and I decided to take a day trip to Venice which I would recommend. We took a 6:00 am train and went in at around 10:00 am. Since Venice is so small I think you can do and see everything you want in a day. We walked around the entire city, went to Saint Mark's Basilica, saw the grand canal, had some spritz’s, and took a ride in the gondola.

Lastly, make sure to visit Lake Como if you have the opportunity. I know understand why Lake Como is so many people's dream wedding location. It was by far one of the most beautiful places I visited while abroad. It is a little far so a weekend trip is needed, however, I promise it will be worth every second.