Final Week!

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Brenda G.

        As my internship is coming to an end, I am preparing my next destinations for after the program. To wrap up my program, I am working on finalizing projects that will be presented on Friday that can potentially land something bigger with the organization I was working on! I am working on thank you letters to those whom I have worked with to show respect and appreciation to working with them this summer. As I evaluate how my summer has gone, I am choosing to stay in touch with people from the program who go to different universities and people I have worked within my organization. As I have made professional and personal connections, these connections are some I plan to continue as I go back to Los Angeles. 

         My key takeaways are the endless amount of memories I made while being in Berlin. I have met so many amazing people while being here that go to my home university, are interns at CIEE or that are locals! They have made my experience here a lot better. Additionally, I have enjoyed the work I have done at my organization. Although it seemed overwhelming at times, I feel that I have been able to build my character professionally, and my skillsets are now a lot stronger than they were before. I also understand the way the "real world" works outside of my education as I spent eight weeks interning abroad. The most important takeaways are that I got to learn more about myself that will help my professional, academic, and personal development. At this point, I felt that I knew exactly how I was, but just as this internship went on, I realized that I have more likes and dislikes that allow me to learn how to speak up for what I stand-in.

        My experience abroad was pretty much how I anticipated it to be. As it was my first time living away from home for academic purposes but had traveled to Europe before I felt comfortable living here for the summer. As my expectations for the program were slightly higher, I still feel like it was a good summer program to enroll in. As everyone mostly interns at start-up companies, I understand that there might be some disorganization that one might find hard to adjust to. Luckily, I was able to adapt quickly to the city, internship, and surroundings. Regardless, this experience is one that has changed my life as I have grown tremendously and couldn't be happier. 


Enjoy some pictures that sum up my last week in Berlin! :-)

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