Feel my wrath, hear my roar, "eat my hammer"... it is Thor! PS: A lesson to myself

Authored By:

Lindsey W.

Dear diary,
I got a text after class. My friend Lisa invited me to a movie...
Just kidding, but what if I really did start it out that way? 
So I got a text after class, and my friend Lisa asked if I wanted to go to a movie with the other CIEE students. They had planned to watch Thor: Love and Thunder and grab some food after. Initially, I was conflicted about if I should go or not. Not because of the people or the movie, but just because I am an introvert and as nicely as possible, I could care less if I go out. 
I smacked my hand. That is not how it should be anymore. Back at home, my daily life consists of home, work, and school. If someone invited me to go out, I would try to find a reason not to go out. It would just exhaust too much energy, I would become bored, and the list goes on, but that isn't fair because I am not giving anyone a chance this way. I'm a naturally quiet person who likes to keep to myself and enjoys my own company. I know what makes Lindsey happy. That is a great thing! However, I should be equally fair to others in their attempt to make me happy with their company and time, as well. 
So, I did just that. I gave them a chance, and myself a chance to slowly step outside my bubble. 
I am glad the walk was short on a day as hot as it was. The movie theater was through a tunnel and around a corner, literally! Of course, you will hear no spoilers about the movie from me... but I did enjoy the popcorn!
After the movie, we headed to Boxsquare, a vendors corner across the street. I select to get special stir-fried seafood soba noodles. What do you think makes it "special"? I sure hope it's love. 
Around the time we were heading back to the dorms, Thor fancied us a visit. Lightning struck, thunder roared, and the wind howled. The rain came pouring down and we all ran back. By the time I was back in my room, I couldn't tell if I was drenched in sweat or rain, or both. 

Overall, I enjoyed my time out tonight. I got my Skechers on and I'm ready to keep taking those small steps outside my bubble.

Remember, when trying something new or something out of your normal routine, do not overdo it. Do not feel pressured. Small steps are always safer.