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Lindsey W.

Summer Korean Studies Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Gainesville, Georgia

What was once a dream of mine is now a reality. Hard work, determination, and ambition have finally brought me to what I once could only imagine. Now—no longer. My name is Lindsey Ward and I am an East Asian Studies major at the University of North Georgia. How will I be spending my summer? I will be studying at Yonsei University in Seoul, the heart of South Korea. I am not only going on a journey to expand and contribute to my education, but I am also expanding and contributing to my character. The journey will not be all rainbows and sunshine as many challenges will be met. However, what matters is hope, perseverance, and the ability to believe in oneself to achieve the impossible. 

A few things about the author:

  • Lindsey will be working with Kohl's in their management program in early 2023. 
  • Lindsey aspires to work with others and for their human rights. 
  • She hopes to learn the languages of her community, such as Spanish, Korean, and ASL. 


The Huwon Secret Garden and Its Time Machine

By Lindsey W.

Today was CIEE's last activity, a visit to the Huwon Secret Garden. Yes, the program is nearly at its end! Oh, how time has flown by. The Huwon Secret Garden... keep reading

A Familiar Sunday: An Appreciation of the Regular Days

By Lindsey W.

I could tell you how I spent the last two days and all the fun I had, just as I did all the other times, but I would like to... keep reading

Feel my wrath, hear my roar, "eat my hammer"... it is Thor! PS: A lesson to myself

By Lindsey W.

Dear diary, I got a text after class. My friend Lisa invited me to a movie... Just kidding, but what if I really did start it out that way? So... keep reading

A Trip to Hongdae... Wait, sheep?

By Lindsey W.

What a day! The birds are singing, the sun is shining... oh no, it's shining too much. It's hot! Where are the clouds? Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day in... keep reading

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