A Familiar Sunday: An Appreciation of the Regular Days

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Summer Korean Studies

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Lindsey W.

I could tell you how I spent the last two days and all the fun I had, just as I did all the other times, but I would like to tell you how I spent my day today. It was a day I would normally have back at home on a Sunday like any other. You might be thinking, "Go out as much as possible! You're in South Korea!", but I believe you should have at least one day a week to yourself to self-heal, relax, and be lazy. Take care of YOU.  
I slept in today for the first time since I arrived in South Korea. I have been waking up with an alarm for school, a day out with friends, or a day out with CIEE. But today? I slept in till about 1 pm and it felt so good. I could tell my body appreciated it, too.
Before anything, I had a video call with my parents and caught up with them. They showed me the cats, whose beans I miss so much. After many "I love you"'s, I got ready, cleaned my eye boogies out, wiped the drool off my face, and headed down to put away the recyclables and throw a load of laundry in. 
I then headed out for the day. I normally would hesitate to head out all by myself, but I felt a little more confident than usual. On this adventure, I would climb mountains, cross rocky terrain, walk through the sweltering heat, and into a street where you hear horns every five seconds. 
My first stop was Daiso to buy a brush because I left mine at a place the other day. I grabbed a Monster Energy drink for later in the week. It ended up being 2,000 Won for the Monster Energy Drink and 2,000 Won for the brush. Not bad, right?
My next stop was E-Mart, but it appeared to be closed, so I headed to No Brand. Both of these are grocery stores. They were closed, too! Just my luck, huh. I was in need of apple juice, ramen, and some soda for the week. I try to buy the larger packaging of items to last me instead of making multiple small trips for the little items, which add up to more money overall. Maybe tomorrow? Along my adventure, I saw a store with a bunch of goodies... a store that could leave someone broke so enter with caution! It is called Art Box and they have anything and everything related to cute, nifty, stationary, and all in between. I bought a silicon Corgi coin wallet, a cat sticker, and a Pikachu mood light for my fiancé back home. 
After leaving the store, I heard a low, loud growl. Being prepared to fight whatever it is, I come to find it was just my stomach. Subway, here I come! I ordered a footlong Italian B.M.T on Italian parmesan oregano bread. On my way back to my dorm, I stopped by Jamba Juice and ordered a Chocolate Mood smoothie with protein to help get me through the rest of my day. 
Ah, the sweet A.C of my dormitory. I went to check on my laundry and throw it in the dryer and headed up to eat my Subway sandwich. I turned on Netflix to watch The Resident and after an episode, I went back down and grabbed my clothes out of the dryer. After putting everything away, and settling in, I did some skincare and helped myself to some brownie brittle, and put on another episode. 
It was a day of chores and errands, yet it was relaxing. It was a day for me. I am content.