Fall 22 Study Abroad : Recap

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 Let's rewind together back to September, when it all began !

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The first month was all about exploring the new environment that is Toulouse, through French culture including social, eating, partying, studying habits! Students also explored Toulouse public transportation and what it was like to live with a host family ! They also had to familiarize themselves with their new CIEE courses and their new host University. 

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First picture was taken during our overnight trip in Aveyron with wonderful host Sylvie! On this hike, we picked mushrooms and chestnuts and some students even went for a swim in the river! The second was taken inside the Saint-Nazaire Basilica during our trip to Carcassonne, a medieval city surrounded with ramparts

After class, we often had activities on weekdays and a few trips on weekends. We for example explored the wonderful city of Carcassonne, visited Foix and its famous castle and even hiked in the Tarn-Aveyron region. We also had tons of memorable activities such as the visit of the Halle de la Machine and its huge animatronics or the night at Casta Diva, a bar where we learnt how to sing like an Opera singer !

Photo for blog post Fall 22 Study Abroad : Recap
On the left are the fortified walls of Carcassonne / On the right is the group at Casta Diva

Photo for blog post Fall 22 Study Abroad : Recap

During those last 4 months, many more memories were created and we trust they will be cherished for the many years to come ! We all hope at CIEE Toulouse that you all had a safe flight back to the US and we wish a very happy holiday season !