Expect the Unexpected

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Briana O.

It was Mid September, I had been in Seville for a week and I was still adjusting to the time difference, my surroundings and everything in between. The weekend was promising, a free day trip to Cadiz with my CNMJ Program on Saturday morning, I had been looking forward to it all week. The day comes and of course I oversleep and miss my alarm, still, jet-lagged and dazzed and confused I had missed the big trip and was instantly hit with confusion. Instead of letting the failed missed trip ruin my day, I changed my plans and took the day by its horns and planned and unplanned day in my city. I ended up going on a long walk and hitting popular landmarks and attractions. I got to visit the Plaza de Espana and its beautiful architecture and live flamenco dancing. I walked through the humbling Parque de Maria Luisa and got lost in the beauty of the peacefulness. I walked in the city center and treated myself to gelato and just watched time go by. Although I wanted to go to Cadiz and walk on the sandy beach, I am glad I got to get to know my neighborhood and the city of Seville. Important rule of travel #1 : Appreciate the days when things don't go as planned