Communication, New Media + Journalism English Newsletter II / Spring 2018

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Communications, New Media + Journalism English

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Helena Andres

Seville retakes its activity after its Holy Week and finishes its preparations to celebrate its most popular Feria de Abril.

During the past months, CIEE CNMJE students enjoyed great cultural and academic experiences which are helping them to grow personally, culturally and professionally in the future.


Our students continue their course hosted by EUSA. Visits to local channels like Canal Sur Tv. and other out-of-class activities have taken place along the current semester.

Students were encouraged to make a last effort to take the most of their experience abroad and perform successfully considering the arrival of the end of the course.

Mid-semester Individual interviews helped them to review their goals for this experience in Spain too, so CIEE could support them individually to guess how they can reach their desired targets. After some time for adaptation, program seems to overcome their expectations. In their personal midterm interviews they admit that they are happy, comfortable and integrated in the program.

CIEE LS students had the opportunity to join other CIEE students and some Spaniards to enjoy different local activities such as visits to historical monuments like the Cathedral or the Alcázar, Plaza de España and el Parque de Maria Luisa, Medieval Castles or Italica Ruins, and neighborhoods like Triana, Arenal or the Jewish part of Santa Cruz, historic buildings like the Pilatos House, nearby cities like Aracena, Jerez de la Frontera and its bodegas, Córdoba, Ronda, Carmona and hiking in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla or Sierra de Huelva. They could also visit some museums like Bellas Artes and participate in some thematic workshops like: graffiti, mud and wine, cooking tapas, religions, LGTB, wine, olive oil or craft beer tasting, sevillanas and flamenco, sports like kayak or gymkhana, and finally tours like: convents, Sevilla Low Cost, Opera, bikes tour and Cinema in Sevilla.

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