Eating Your Way Through Brussels

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Martin Humphreys

Before coming to Ireland, I had a general list of places that I wanted to visit, both in and outside of the country. I dreamed of destinations in Italy and Spain, and a few others that I felt would give me an authentic experience of Europe. When my one friend suggested we travel to Brussels, Belgium for a weekend, I was a little hesitant because it had never been on my abroad “travel list.” However, the tickets were cheap, and I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity just because I hadn’t included it in my original plans.  

Visiting Brussels was one of THE best decisions I have ever made. Brussels quickly became my favorite European city within the first few hours. Not only was the architecture opulent and breath-taking, but the food was unrivaled. In case you ever find yourself traveling to Brussels, here are three food stops I loved.

 1. Peck 47  

This little restaurant will forever be in my mind when I think of brunch. With various kinds of eggs benedict and tropical smoothie bowls, it is a place worth checking out. Due to its smaller size, there is usually a line out the door, but the wait is well worth it!  

2. Le Funambule

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Belgium waffle before, but you genuinely have not had one until you taste the real thing. There are tons of places to get these so-called magical waffles in Brussels, but the best one I had was at Le Funambule. With over twenty variations of fruits, whipped cream, and Nutella, there is sure to be one that catches the eye. And don’t even mention the delicious sugary-dough smell you can find while walking past all of the waffle shops – it’s hard to resist!

3. Maison Dandoy

Previous study abroad students told me I had to try a Speculoos cookie if I ever came to Belgium, and they were right. These crispy, spice cookies, almost like gingerbread but significantly better, were a sweet afternoon treat as we toured different museums and sights throughout Brussels. If spice cookies aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there are about a hundred different other pastries and cookies you can try here.

I hope some of these places can be a fun pastime if you ever decide to visit!