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Rumor has it that it’s practically illegal to leave the French region of Brittany without eating your weight in crepes. Good thing Brittany’s capital city, Rennes, is loaded with crêperies along its centuries-old cobblestone streets. Here crepes come in two forms: those prepared with wheat flour and stuffed with chocolate, fruit, or whipped cream; and those prepared with buckwheat flour and filled with eggs, meat, cheese, or vegetables. Whether you choose sweet or savory, you’ll have no trouble eating your fill of crepes in Rennes!


Rue Saint-Michel is legendary in Rennes. Dubbed la rue de la soif (the street of thirst) by locals, this historic stretch of real estate is lined with 15th-century buildings that have been transformed into bars and cafés. Take a stroll down Rue Saint-Michel and enjoy a citron pressé (pressed lemonade) at one of the many quaint cafés. The fun part is, you get to mix your own lemonade. A server will bring you a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a shaker of sugar, cold water, and ice cubes. Blend the ingredients together until you achieve the perfect sweet to tart ratio.  


Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, exercise, or simply enjoy nature, visit the “Central Park of Rennes,” Thabor Park. Spanning twenty-five beautifully landscaped acres, Thabor Park features a botanical garden, a French garden, an English garden, an aviary, a rose garden with 2,000 varieties of roses, a cave, waterfalls, and a running track. There’s even a theater where music festivals are held every Sunday in the summer. Take a break from the cobblestone streets of Rennes and absorb its lovely greenspace!

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