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Fufu is the national dish of Ghana and a staple throughout much of West and Central Africa. While it might not look Instagram-worthy, fufu is incredibly difficult to make and very deserving of your taste buds.  First, cassava and unripe plantains are pounded together, which requires the effort of two people – one doing the hammering and the other rotating the mixture. It is then shaped into smooth rounds and placed in a stew or soup with meat. While fufu doesn’t have a lot of flavor – its gummy texture absorbs the soup or stew broth, giving it a rich peanut tang.


Coconut water tops the list of Ghana’s most popular drinks for a few reasons. For starters, Ghana is the world’s 15th largest coconut producer, yielding an average of 366,183 tons of coconuts per year. Additionally, the health benefits of drinking coconut water are difficult to dispute. A glass of this refreshing drink is low in calories, naturally free of fat and cholesterol, and offers more potassium than four bananas! Make this delicious drink your go-to beverage on a hot day in Legon.


Seven USD (or 40 GHS) buys you a ticket to Kakum National Park, a tropical rainforest reserve in Ghana’s Central region. What makes this rainforest so special? It features one of only two canopy walks in all of Africa. Take a stroll along the 1,148-foot walkway, enjoy the lush flora and fauna from a tree-top view, and explore the reserve’s diverse species of monkeys, African grey parrots, and rare white-breasted guinea fowl.

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