December is here... and the end of the Fall semester too!

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CIEE Lisbon

In Portugal, December is a month where people celebrate their different holidays traditions and where the cold comes to stay. It’s a month where the streets light up with Christmas lights and where we can find street markets in every corner. December is also the month that represents the end of the fall semester. And every time a semester ends, the students and us (the CIEE staff) share mixed feelings.

  • There’s the feeling of rewarding, regarding a successful semester in which students accomplished what they proposed to by studying abroad - which translates into a "mission accomplished" feeling;
  • There’s the feeling of nostalgia, of students missing the friends they made during the program, including the portuguese friends;
  • There’s also the feeling of happiness for coming back home and to reconnect with friends and family!

The truth is the semester is ending and, on our end, it’s time to get everything ready to receive the students of the next semester, Spring! And to our Fall students, we truly hope to see you again!