A Day with Yonsei Exchange Students

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Alex S.

Alex S.

Enjoy this music video I put together for my Understanding K-pop class! ^^^

CIEE has a great community, but the Yonsei University exchange program extends beyond just CIEE.  I highly recommend meeting people outside of the program - whether they're next door to you in SK Global House, random people you meet in the elevator (I met one of my best friends in the elevator, lol), or partners on a group project... just like the music video we made!

So the premise of the video is spending a day with Yonsei Exchange students, which was a pretty good time - some of the students I even met for the first time that day! We visited Coex Mall, which is known for the Starfield Library and the Coex Aquarium.  We honestly went there with very few plans and just made it up on the way - and I feel like the video turned out pretty clean - drop a like if you enjoyed it :)

So we were actually supposed to go to the Han River to film outdoor activities, but it rained for three weekends straight in Korea :/ so we had to improvise and just decided to film in a large indoor space.  I guess when you come to Korea, have backup plans for indoor activities too!

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