A Day in the Life of a Global Intern

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Brenda G.

        As I have previously mentioned, my experience interning at Craft Initiative Agency (CIA) is very unique. I can describe every day being completely different due to the frequent change of meeting locations, clients, and tasks. Daily changes create excitement for what the next day will be as every day during the week never repeats itself. On a daily basis, I head out of my apartment to go to the location assigned for the week with the person I will be working with. My day usually is not consistent of a full work hour as I am generally assigned to meet with the client for a designated time, discuss ongoing projects, and then close with tasks assigned for the week. Although my routines aren’t set, I usually go about my day without a set structure leaving room for a range of things occurring. Monday’s often include a mandatory check-in meeting giving us time to come back after the weekend to reset and get back to our work week. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, our days are structured to meet with clients who we have been working with to continue developing ongoing projects. Wednesdays often consist of our meetings with clients and then a class workshop at 3 p.m. Fridays are designated for “check-out” meetings having to do with closing out for the week to not continue with our work over the weekend. The designated Monday and Friday meetings have been set leaving the days in-between the week to be more depending on our needs as we can work remotely after our meeting times with clients. I will describe what a typical day looks like outside of Monday and Friday meetings as they are often short days with our supervisor G’s, but we are expected to work remotely.

My role at CIA is mostly working with the various clients to manage their social media accounts. My main tasks include creating and editing text for social media captions, gathering hashtags that are the most effective, managing community pages on Facebook and writing and editing content that is to be used for specific applications.

1.    Morning

        Upon heading to the meeting location with CIA’s clients, we discuss the tasks that have been completed and those that are in progress. Upon checking in, I then focus my time asking additional questions that I may have during the week. Once I have asked my questions, I then start the work I have been assigned, as I usually like to have an idea in place or a plan that can get approved so I can continue working on during the week.

2.    Mid-day

         Upon leaving the office I have been working for the day, I go out and enjoy some lunch. If another intern is following similar meeting times as me, we go out and grab a bite (check blog 3). Upon having lunch, we may discuss further ideas that may arise as we are often working on the same projects. After lunch, we head out to do our things, such as working remotely to fulfill assigned tasks and not fall behind as we usually have many tasks ongoing within the same week.

3.    Afternoon

         After a couple of hours of working remotely, I allow myself to check-out around 5 p.m. Usually, I will be home and cook some dinner, write my tasks that still need to be done for the next day and the rest of the week that have been assigned. If required, I send any last-minute messages to clients, supervisor, or fellow interns with any work that was needed from me. After dinner, I allow myself to do some readings for the CIEE required class to start thinking about the homework that needs to be submitted that week. To get ready for bed, I usually drink some tea and meditate to wind down and get ready for the next day.

4. Occasionally (On Weekends)

        At one of our home locations, GlogauAIR, occasionally, some events require interns to attend. The events are enjoyable where we can invite fellow CIEE interns to enjoy some art and mingle around. Events like these are great opportunities for us to network and become acquainted with the city and the various ongoing events.

          As every internship at CIEE is unique, there are often a variety of schedules having everyone’s look different. As mine is more relaxed, it keeps me grounded in keeping my work to follow the deadlines that have been assigned. As every day involved various tasks that may seem challenging and time-consuming, I remind myself that these tasks are doable. If something seems unclear or overwhelming, my supervisor and clients are very understanding and sit down and explain the functions and what their vision regarding it as it will allow for my time to be more productive while working.

Thanks for reading! I hope you got an overall gist of what my day looks like! If you have any questions about specifics on my roles or what my day looks like feel free to reach out through Instagram (@brendezy)! :)

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