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Communications, New Media + Journalism English

Authored By:

Oscar Ceballos

Dear friends,

We’re two weeks into our Spring 2018 semester and the students participating in the first semester of the Communication, New Media and Journalism English CIEE program in Seville (CNMJ E) are fully involved in their new life in Seville. Our pioneers come from the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Virginia, Belmont University, The University of Texas at Austin, Skidmore College and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Following a rather intense orientation week, all students are now fully immersed in their classes at host institution EUSA School of Communications and at the Center for Cultural Initiatives at the University of Seville (CICUS). I would like to thank our two orientation guides, Salud González (above sporting a Universidad de Sevilla t-shirt) and Laura Campos, local students, for having accompanied CNMJ E students during their most exiting yet perhaps most challenging first few days in Seville. 

During the next three months, CNMJ students will be part of multiple social and cultural events and activities in and out of Seville, including a four-day trip to Morocco. It is our hope that their curiosity, fueled by the academic work and projects they will create assisted by their professors, will help them be all the more alert and active about their new surroundings, their host community and culture. Their respective host families will indeed play a crucial part on this.

Please, take the opportunity to visit our website of students' projects, where those participating in the course Digital Video Reporting in Context will publish their projects, má, as well as our Facebook page, where you can see the entire album of photos of which the one at the top of this newsletter is an example.

Helena Andrés, Program Manager and Óscar Ceballos, Academic Director - Institutional Relations & Quality