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Group trip to Uruguay

students abroad uraguay trip

We took a trip across Rio de la Plata where we spent time in Montevideo and Colonia, Uruguay. The trip provided students with the opportunity to explore Afro-decent culture in Montevideo and discover the cobblestone streets of Spanish and Portuguese colonial city, Colonia.


uruguay drumming

We had the exciting opportunity to visit a local music school in Montevideo where we learned how to play Candombe drums. 

Student´s thoughts

uraguay student smiling

¨I couldn´t stop smiling… At first when we played together we sounded terrible, but then we started to really feel the music. It started to sound good…For me this was without doubt the highlight of the trip¨ (Summer Spanish Language student Totyana from SpelmanCollege).

uraguay coastline ocean
student uraguay smiling

On Sunday we bused north and visited the beautiful city of Colonia. Colonia, once colonized by the Portuguese and later by the Spanish, continues to maintain its antiquity. Students had free time to explore the cobblestone streets, historical buildings, coastline and shops.

Last days

During the final week, students finished classes and ate a tasty farewell dinner in Puerto Madero where they had a chance to say goodbye to each other and CIEE staff. 

Student´s thoughts 

student group uruguay

¨My group quickly became a family. We laughed like one, fought like one, shared mate like one, and taught each other so much. Group 1 is number 1¨ (Summer Spanish Language student Madison from StetsonUniversity).

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