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Moving to a new city can be daunting to say the least, because it means learning a whole new routine, getting used to different surroundings and people, constantly losing your way in the metro and spending ages converting all the prices at the grocery store. You also have to find your new favorite hangout places, which can sometimes be a bit of a scavenger hunt, but fret not! We are here to help.  

If you are feeling a little bit lost, and the guidebooks you have picked up so far haven’t proved fruitful, here are a couple of recommendations from some locals you might know – the staff working here at CIEE Copenhagen!  

Karin, Center Director, lives on Østerbro 

I usually like to go to the bakery Hahnemanns Køkken on Østerbro, both because it’s close to where I live, but also because their bread and pastries are delicious. If you are more into a nice view, I can also recommend The Silo in Nordhavn, where you can enjoy a drink while looking over Copenhagen, and if you would like a recommendation for a nicer restaurant I enjoy going to Vækst, a restaurant with a greenhouse inside it and a specialty in New Nordic cuisine.  

Brittany, Academic Director, lives in Vanløse 

One of my favorite places that I like to go and hang out at in Copenhagen is the glass market Torvehallerne near the study center and take pictures of all of the pretty vegetables lying out in the open there. There is also a taco stand there that is usually pretty good. In the summertime Torvehallerne also serves as one of the locations of the fabulous Nicecream chain, an ice cream company that only serves delicious, vegan ice cream. Definitely worth trying out. I also love a good cardamom bun or croissant at any bakery in the city, but Hart Bakery is my favorite.  

Rebecca, Program Coordinator, lives on Østerbro 

When I was in college, my friends and I would go to Tivoli a lot as our go-to park to hang out in. We would bring blankets, snacks and beer and just lie in the sun for hours and hours and watch the world go by. If you buy the green Tivoli card, which costs 379 DKK a year, you gain free access to the park all year – a really great deal, because it earns itself in already after three times in the park.  

Gregers, Administrative Manager, lives on Amager 

My sister used to live on Østerbro, so sometimes when I would visit her, we would go for long walks around Søerne, or the Lakes in central Copenhagen. It’s perhaps a bit cliché, but the views are gorgeous and the swans are lovely, so I definitely think it’s worth the hype. Sometimes we would also stop in at Søernes Ølbar, a “hyggelig” beer bar right on the Lakes and grab a beer. It’s definitely best in the summer, because you can sit outside and enjoy the views, but it’s still really nice sitting inside in the warmth during winter. 

Amalie, Student Assistant, lives on Amager 

I’m a college student too, so I try to save as much money as possible – especially on coffee. But sometimes if I want to treat myself a bit, I walk down to my favorite “hyggelige” coffee place Kaffebaren på Amager located just a couple streets away from the hubbub of Amagerbrogade and in the middle of a green residential area where all the traffic noise from the city is completely blurred out. Magical.