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Gabrielle S.

Gabrielle S.


Abroad Internship - Alicante, Spain 

On Site Experience

Another way to bring an abroad experience to its maximum potential is by participating in the CIEE Internship course. The course connects you with a local business or organization that caters to your interests. Using the experiences you've had in the past, the course uses your resume to pair you with a location in which you can learn and grow in a personal and professional manner. The opportunity adds a level of social immersion that is not attainable with a regular course, and opens up your time abroad to new experiences and connections.   

Career Interests

With a science background and interest in related fields such as health services and medicine, I was connected with Interational Ophthalmology Consulting during my semester abroad in Alicante, Spain. I gained professional experience, fully spoken in Spanish, during on-site hours at my internship. I grew my network among Spanish speaking professionals and built my skills doing administration and academic related assistant work for a renown Ophthalmologist in Europe. Oftentimes in your internship you can be part of important projects or events. For example, I assisted in an annual event with exclusively for ophthalmologists and other medical professionals and listened to new content evolving in current sciences in the field. Not only did this experience give me valuable connections and skills but also functioned to enhance my spanish spaking abilities immensely. By helping a local business and improving your career related experiences you can trully get the most out of your experience abroad. 




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