A different Valentine's Day

Authored by:
Verónica P.

Last week, we wanted our students to get to know this party more in depth, so all the teachers at the centre wanted to participate in the activity and organized fun activities for them to learn and meet people.

In the language class we made a short visit to the campus, so that the students could mingle with undergraduates and ask them questions about Valentine's Day, how do you like to celebrate it? What do you like to give? Why do you like Valentine’s Day?

In addition, we placed huge paper hearts at CIEE, so that they could leave sticky notes with nice messages for whoever they wanted (friends, couples and maybe some teachers).

In some classes like the one on cinema and pop culture, for example, they were able to learn some romantic phrases left by the Spanish cinema and some romantic songs.

Even in gastronomy class they learned expressions related to love, such as ¡Eres la leche! ¡Eres mi media naranja!¡Estás como un queso!


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