Captivating Rome: Tales of History, Art, and Delicious Food

Authored By:

Zoie S.

Hey!! I spent my first spring block studying abroad in Rome. I adore the open campus program because it gives me the ideal amount of time to visit each location and country. The simplicity of traveling to different places in Italy was one of my favorite things about Rome. It was affordable and was the block that I traveled around the most during. The classes were another aspect of CIEE Rome's open campus that I thought was handled incredibly well. Kevin was one of my all-time favorite professors and taught my museum class. He is a fantastic educator who genuinely cares about his students. Rome is a very walkable city and is full of life at all times of day or night; the housing accommodations were all nice and in really ideal parts of the city; the food is also amazing, and it was able to accommodate my dietary restrictions of being a vegetarian. I met some of my best friends abroad in Rome, and some I even traveled to see during my other blocks and when I got back home to the States. The weather during my time was really nice, it wasn't too hot but also wasn't cold. I love how the block program allows you to create your own study abroad experience and see multiple cities during your time abroad. It also works really well with the quarter school system. 

CIEE Rome also had some of the best weekly activities that they put on for their student's week, from walking tours, and cooking classes, to museums they really helped you be able to see the city to it's fullest! CIEE also pays for two excursions a block along with their weekly activities!

I now work for CIEE as a student ambassador because I loved my time abroad so much. Feel free to message me with any questions or if you want travel recommendations my email is