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London is Calling: Studying Abroad in the UK's Capital City

By Zoie S.

During my second spring block of study abroad, I went to London with ciee open campus! The people, housing, and public transportation in London were some of my favorite aspects... keep reading

Captivating Rome: Tales of History, Art, and Delicious Food

By Zoie S.

Hey!! I spent my first spring block studying abroad in Rome. I adore the open campus program because it gives me the ideal amount of time to visit each location... keep reading

How to Have a Blast in Bornholm: A Weekend of Wonders!

By Zoie S.

A fun weekend in Bornholm, Denmark. I studied abroad in Copenhagen for spring block 3 2022. During my block in Copenhagen, we had a break over the Easter weekend when... keep reading

Living, Laughing, and Loving in London

By Zoie S.

I studied abroad in London for spring block two of 2022, here are some of my recommendations on how to spend your time there if you are traveling or studying... keep reading

Going Abroad as a Vegetarian

By Zoie S.

When traveling overseas, it might be challenging to find vegetarian restaurants. I've been a vegetarian for five years, during which time I studied abroad in four foreign countries. The first... keep reading

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