Cape Winelands Region, Cape Town Study Tour

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The Cape Winelands region is worldrenowned for its picturesque landscapes, world-class wine, and culturally rich history. When combined with the centuries-old architecture and culinary diversity, it’s no surprise that the Cape Winelands region is one of Cape Town’s most beloved destinations for visitors and locals alike. 

However, this beauty and culinary distinction is complicated by a history of slavery, child labour, and exploitation, which many contend continues to this day. This exploitation, compounded by crippling economic inequality, overburdened social services, and inequitable land distribution that characterizes South Africa’s current socio-political landscape, renders the Winelands a far more complex place than it appears at first glance.


Go to the Jan Marais Nature Researve, enjoy a meal at the Jordan Restaurant with George Jardine, or visit The Market, De Warenmarkt

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