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Summer in Cape Town

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Brittani Smit

Check out this blog post by Summer in Cape Town 2019 student Tatiana Pinheiro about her first impressions of Cape Town:

"Cape Town, South Africa is hands down one of the beautiful cities in the world. In fact, before landing here, a South African friend of mine told me that not only was it a top destination. He quoted, “everyone must see Cape Town before they die”.  I’ll admit I thought that perhaps he may have been exaggerating. Stepping off the plane and into an uber I was quickly met with a counter argument that proved his position. I have never been to a place where the sun shines so loudly against my skin. Or where a mountain can be found on every road. The city is bathed with mountains in all directions. As you begin to head further away from the city, the views become even more breath taking and scenic. A place this alluring deserves to be explored. There has been so much to do, so many people to meet. Wine farms, hiking, beaches with palm trees and crystal blue waters. You name it, the city offers it all!" - Tatiana Pinheiro