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Summer in Cape Town

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Brittani Smit

Check out this blog post by Summer in Cape Town 2019 student Kayla Larkins about her experience horseback riding at Noordhoek beach in Cape Town:

"One of the best experiences I’ve had since I’ve been here in Cape Town is horseback riding on Noordhoek beach. We went riding around 3 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, the weather was perfect, and my peers and I were in a great mood. The horses were located on Imhoff Farm which is about thirty minutes away from the CIEE Global Institute. The horse I rode was beautiful, her coat was light brown, with blonde hair, and overall looked like a very healthy horse. Now, I had only been horseback riding one time in my life, so when we arrived to Imhoff Farm I began to become extremely nervous. The horses didn’t seem to be fond of us riding them, especially my horse Indie. Indie never listened to my directions, she just followed the instructor. Whenever I would pull for her to stop, she would tug her head downward. Therefore, I just let her take over lol, it wasn’t like she was listening to me so I had no choice. Noordhoek beach’s beauty can’t be described in words, taking pictures didn't do it any justice. There were mountains surrounding the water, the ocean water was crystal clear, and the beach was so clean. It was the most beautiful beach I had ever seen in my life. To any CIEE students visiting Cape Town, I highly recommend horseback riding on Noordhoek Beach it is an experience you will never forget." - Kayla Larkins