BLOCK to BLOCK: Monteverde to the Yucatán

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It takes just one day to get from the lush premontane landscape of Monteverde to the balmy Yucatán Peninsula. But you’ll need a full block – at least – to get an in-depth, comparative understanding of these two fascinating Latin American cultures and ecosystems.

Following the three- to four-hour drive to the San Jose International Airport, you’ll fly to Mérida, Mexico – but unfortunately, there are no direct routes. Including a healthy stop-over in Mexico City, the travel time can be anywhere from 10-12 hours. Bring a good book, ruminate in your travel journal, or connect with friends. Wi-Fi in Mexico City International Airport is available and strong. 

Even better, Mexico City has an automated immigration process, (Go Mexico!).  You can breeze through the paperwork at one of a dozen kiosks – and spare yourself the interminable lines. From there you’ll have plenty of shopping, dining, entertainment options while you wait for your flight to Mérida. To further expedite the arrival process, be sure to fill-out a customs form before you arrive in Mexico City.  

The flight to Mérida International Airport is just three hours and the airport is just minutes from town. Upon arrival, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the city harbors the country’s second largest historic district after Mexico City. Filled with colonial-style houses, churches built on the ruins of Mayan pyramids, and a large Plaza de Armas in the city center, Mérida is well-worth the miles traveled.