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Home to sleek skyscrapers, well-preserved royal palaces, stunning Buddhist temples, and busy shopping malls, South Korea’s capital city is an exciting place to study abroad. CIEE offers several incredible programs in “The Land of the Morning Calm” to help you make the most of your time in your chosen study abroad program in Seoul

Will you choose a semester in Seoul or a summer in Seoul? Both are brimming with new adventures, amazing experiences, and beautiful sites the city beckons you to discover. Find out which study abroad program in Seoul is right for you!

Let’s explore some of the best study abroad programs in Seoul!

For Arts + Sciences Students
Arts + Sciences

study abroad in seoul south korea

Spend a semester in Seoul walking alongside the Han river and exploring the over 100 museums, and abundance of religious monuments, parks, markets, festivals, and sports teams that make up this bustling city. Select from 1000 courses taught in English on Korean language, architecture, engineering, computer science, business, international relations, history, and more. Find your Korean “Seoul Mate” through CIEE’s friend matching program. Continue to form these lifelong connections when you opt to spend a weekend with a local family, or spend your entire semester with one, immersing yourself in a beautifully rich culture.  Study abroad in Seoul and you’ll never forget it.


For the Summer Lovers
Summer Korean Studies

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On the Summer Korean Studies program say hello and Annyeonghaseyo to the study abroad of a lifetime! Kick off your summer study abroad adventure with Korean cooking classes and morning Taekwondo sessions. Discover both modernity and ancient history in this city nestled amid 9 UNESCO world heritage sites. Language learners rejoice! During your Seoul study abroad, you will be immersed in Korean, taking classes that suite your language level. Not only that but Seoul is also home to more than 3 million international residents – one of them could be you.


Inspired by these CIEE Study Abroad programs in Seoul? Take a deeper dive to discover which program is a better match for your interests, academics, and overall travel goals! 


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