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Summer Study ABroad in Rome

You’ll be eternally happy after a summer in the Eternal City. Spend your summer study abroad around the corner from ancient landmarks like the Colosseum, the Vatican, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and the Spanish Steps. Take a break from the wonder of wandering through Etruscan architecture, and touring the ancient ruins of Pompei to make a difference through English language tutoring to immigrants and children at community centers. Earn credit while learning Italian with an optional Communicative Italian course taken at CIEE Rome, right in the city center. This summer, make Rome your home away from home.

Study in Rome This Summer!

Summer Internship in Rome

Set yourself up for your career with a summer internship in Rome. The capital city of Italy, Rome is a business hub. In this bustling metropolis, intern at booming tech firms, nonprofits, and multinational networks. Build a global professional and personal network as you enhance your cross-cultural fluency. Land the international summer internship of your dreams with CIEE’s personal placement process. When you’re not getting to know some of Rome’s brightest entrepreneurs, spend your free time learning to make fresh pizza or pasta and exploring ancient history right on your doorstep.

Intern in Rome

January in Rome

Escape the chills and short days of winter in the US and spend your January studying abroad in Rome. During your January term in Rome, dive into a unique course, “Food, Nutrition, and Culture or Exploring Rome – the Birthplace of the Modern Museum,” and earn credit eating your way through the Eternal City. Wind through Rome’s 280 fountains, 900 churches, and 3.7 million residents as you snack on pizza a taglio (pizza by the slice) and gelato. Study abroad in Rome and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

January Abroad in Rome

Why Stop At Rome?

Make your Rome journey part of a package deal. Where else should you go? Spin the globe and find out. 

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