Anime, Manga and Japanese Culture in Madrid

Authored by:
Eero Jesurun

Eero Jesurun

You may be surprised to hear this, but Japanese manga is thriving in Spain. Look no further than massive conventions such as Madrid’s Expomanga and the Madrid Otaky anime conventions. Every February, June, and September, many CIEE students flock to one of the most popular events held in the Casa de Campo Park and local venues from the Madrid Otaku anime convention to the Japan Weekend Madrid that attracts many Japanese culture fans to Madrid. Manga, anime, cosplay, videogames, Japanese traditional and pop culture all come together in large pavilions over several days. The emergence of these conventions has prevailed thanks to its low entrance prices, given that the organization is a non-profit federation, whose primary purpose is the promotion of comics and manga.

CIEE students comment that cosplay dance event and karaoke are one of the highlights during the events as well as the opportunity to get some great food from Japanese chefs.

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