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Now that week five is officially over, I can share with you what activities and excursions I have done while my time in Berlin! :-) 

Although my internship takes up most of my time during the day, the weekends are often the days I get to go out. The activities I choose to do are amongst my new friends I had made who are also apart of CIEE. Although I haven’t taken many excursions, I can share the few that I have done that were amongst my favorite. 


Potsdam is a city about 40 minutes outside of Berin. This city has a rich history and beautiful scenery worth checking out. This particular trip was offered by CIEE, which included a train ticket and a boat ride. The boat ride was very nice, calming, and relaxing. During the excursion, my friends and I visited Sanssouci Palace, Brandenburg Gate, and Ruinenberg. Although we did not have a tour guide to explain the history from Potsdam, we still tried our best to find information about the landmarks we visited. 

2. Jewish Museum

Over the weekend, I discovered that one of my favorite artists James Turell, was showing an installation at the Jewish Museum. This was a must-see for me as he is pretty much my muse. The installation was amazing, along with the architecture designed by Daniel Libeskind. Although the permanent collection was closed for remodeling, I still enjoyed learning about Jewish history and learning about the work that Jewish artist create telling their story. 

3. Thaipark (Preußenpark)

As most places are closed on Sundays, I checked out Thaipark. This is a Sunday location hosting various street vendors who make their own Thai food. Although the food is cheaply priced, it is easy to spend a couple of euros on small dishes. I can say that those couple of euros spent are very well worth it as the food is delicious! 

4. East Side Gallery

Another Sunday trip included visiting East Side Gallery! This is one of the best historical landmarks honoring the countries history through art. The whole wall consists of murals that have been painted by various artist after the war. The entire gallery refers to the freedom of expression with work from artist from all over the world. As I am not very familiar with the actual history, you can check this article to learn more about what East Side Gallery consists of. 

These are just some of the million things you can explore during your time in Berlin! There are many things to do, depending on your interest. If possible, you can also visit nearby cities via the bus, train, or maybe even flights. Thanks for reading! :-)  

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