5 Things About South Korea that Altered my Brain Chemistry

Authored By:

Sandra M.

Accessible Public Transportation 

South Korea has an amazing public transportation system! Coming from Dayton, Ohio I’m used to having to drive if I want to get anywhere. Here I can just hop on the next bus or train. Usually, I’m not even worried about missing it because there’s always the next one coming in 8-10 minutes. Or I can hop on another number that would take me to the same place. It’s also incredible that the buses run from 4am to 1am the next day as it even makes night life easy.

It was also super easy for me to figure out the subway and bus system through Naver Maps. You just put in the location you want to go to and Naver shows you buses and subways that go there. Oh, and there's benches with seat warmers at some bus stops! It's my favorite part about waiting for the bus when it's cold. 

I plan to do a post all about public transportation so be on the lookout for that!

Public Displays of Affection

Back home I can probably count the amount of time I see couples showing each other affection. Or I only such things in certain settings. Here I see it everywhere almost all the time. There are so many couples. Most of the time it’s cute, sometimes it’s a lot and makes me feel lonely.

Once, when coming back from Itaewon my friends and I saw a couple making out outside a subway exit. They made out to the point that they both fell on the ground, haha!

Fast Food Everywhere

Most of the time when I go to a restaurant here or order any kind of food or drink, it comes out at an insanely fast pace. It’s almost as if everything were fast food. It’s honestly extremely convenient because I can go to lunch in the city between classes and not worry about not making it back on time!

I’m also doing a post on ordering food, and what my experiences at restaurants have been like here.

Homogenous Fashion 

Most people here wear black, grey, white, and in general neutral colors. I’m used to seeing such vibrant colors and patterns in the U.S. but here everyone kind of blends in. In Hongdae (a city for mostly known for clubs, street performing entertainment, local shops, etc) during clubbing almost everyone wears black, especially black leather jackets.

Quiet and Safe City, Palli Palli

The only other big city I’ve been to is New York City which a loud and rambunctious city. Seoul although huge and full of people is somehow quiet. And although there are times where people say Palli Palli (hurry up) people seem to be takin their time.  It’s safe. I’ve gone home from the club around 5am safely before. Although of course, I’m still anxious and safe because I’m a woman of color alone in a big city. But here I feel safer than even Dayton, Ohio going home from a night out.