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Sandra M.

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Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Hey, I'm Sandra Martinez a first-generation Mexican American woman currently in South Korea. Back home I am a Sociology major with a minor in Intergroup Relations (IGR). I have been here for close to about two months. The main reason I wanted to come to South Korea was to experience and immerse myself in a culture that I knew nothing about. Of course, I did research before coming here but I wasn't as well-versed in it as other cultures that I've had the opportunity to be around. I still listen to my favorite artists such as Kali Uchis, The Weeknd, BIBI here. I still laugh at silly things on the internet or with my friends. I still journal and write poetry every day, or at least try to. So, I invite you to come on this journey with me, where the bad air quality never stops a good moment from happening.


A Day in My Life in Seoul

By Sandra M.

Sundays here are usually my study days. Sunday April 2nd, I went to 3fcafe to catch with Soyeon (one of the sweetest seoulmates and friends here). We met up and... keep reading

5 Things About South Korea that Altered my Brain Chemistry

By Sandra M.

Accessible Public Transportation South Korea has an amazing public transportation system! Coming from Dayton, Ohio I’m used to having to drive if I want to get anywhere. Here I can... keep reading

A Yummy Night at Gwangjang Market

By Sandra M.

Last night I went to Gwangjang Market for the fourth time since being here. I’ve been in Seoul about two months and love visiting this market. Gwangjang is vibrant and... keep reading

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