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At the heart of communicating well is the ability to understand your audience. Living abroad – in an unfamiliar setting with people whose ideas are shaped by far different experiences than your own – strengthens that facility like nothing else can.

From Seville to Brussels, Rio to Prague, CIEE offers dedicated Communications study abroad programs in some of the world’s most exciting, progressive centers of new media innovation.

With CIEE you’ll have access to specialized courses at prestigious host universities, and internship opportunities that allow you to develop your skills, and apply them in a professional setting.

Learn to communicate in new ways, fulfilling your major, minor, or elective requirements with courses in communication theory and strategy, new media, marketing communications, and journalism.

Fine Arts

Sculpture, photography, music, dance, theater, cinema – whether you’re an artist, critic, or enthusiast, few experiences have the power inspire like studying abroad.

New cultures, new people, and new experiences give you the living material you need to both transform your own work and contextualize the subjects you’re studying. In some of the world’s richest arts communities, choose a program that suits your interest in the history, theory, and practice of the arts.

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