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  • Arts + Sciences

    Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul is full of intrigue and inspiration for students

    Seoul is full of intrigue and inspiration for students

  • Community Development, Language + Culture

    Iringa, Tanzania

    Embark on an exploration of challenges facing Tanzania

  • Liberal Arts

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Challenge yourself to courses taught in Portuguese

    Challenge yourself to courses taught in Portuguese

  • Open Campus Block

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Rio Open Campus

    Our Open Campus Block program allows you to start studying in Rio de Janeiro, then study in two other countries in one term.

  • Sustainable Development

    Beijing, China

    Want to challenge your ideas of sustainable development in one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing countries?

  • Language + Culture

    Ferrara, Italy

    Grab your chance to start or build on your skills

  • Summer Engineering, Technology + Society

    Dublin, Ireland

    Examine the engineering aspects of creating and executing renewable and sustainable projects

  • Advanced Arabic Language

    Amman, Jordan

    Amman, the capital and most populous city of Jordan, is the country's economic, political and cultural center.

  • Global Architecture + Design

    Berlin, Germany

    Dive into Global Architecture + Design in Germany’s hub for creativity and innovation.

  • Summer in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Spend your summer in the world’s first “bike city” choosing from courses across humanities and environmental studies while immersing yourself in Danish culture.

  • Accelerated Chinese Language

    Shanghai, China

    Whether you’re a rank beginner or have strong Chinese language skills, you’ll progress by leaps and bounds, moving ahead at least two levels with CIEE in Shanghai.

  • Advanced Chinese Studies

    Beijing, China

    The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Olympic Stadium are just some of the awesome historic sites that will amaze you

  • Advanced Liberal Arts

    Barcelona, Spain

    A variety of outings and trips beyond the city make your understanding of this diverse region complete – and unforgettable.

  • Advanced Liberal Arts

    Brussels, Belgium

    Get a front row seat to explore Belgian politics and culture