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  • Summer Sustainability + The Environment

    Monteverde, Costa Rica

    Live on the edge — the edge of the world famous Monteverde cloud forest

  • Summer STEM + Society

    Yucatán, Mexico

    New for summer '19

    Against the backdrop of Mexico’s rich culture, biodiversity, and history – students explore science and society with interdisciplinary courses in the natural sciences.

  • Summer Business + Communications

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    See business in action in this diverse Dutch capital.

  • Summer Business + Culture

    Barcelona, Spain

    Get insight into international business and a unique intercultural experience.

  • Summer Business + Culture

    Shanghai, China

    Prepare for a career in international business

  • Summer Business + Culture

    Toulouse, France

    Immerse yourself in a storied past, study modern cultural dynamics up close

  • Summer Business + International Relations

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Explore Taiwan’s role in the world economy

    Explore Taiwan’s role in the world economy

  • Summer Business, Communications + Culture

    Brussels, Belgium

    This summer, grab your front row seat

  • Summer Central European Studies

    Budapest, Hungary

    An enchanting city on the banks of the Danube River

  • Summer Global Internship

    London, England

    As a Global Intern in London, and expand your professional portfolio

  • Summer Global Internship

    Seville, Spain

    Spend the summer in Seville learning about business, management, education and training, IT, or STEM while interning at companies of all sizes.

  • Summer Global Internship

    Shanghai, China

    Learn about business ethics, corporate structure, and fiscal policies while completing a full-time internship in the largest city in China.

  • Summer Global Internship

    Barcelona, Spain

    Spend the summer in Barcelona, Spain’s start-up hub, honing your skills with an internship in tech, entrepreneurism, arts, communication, business, marketing, or hospitality and tourism.

  • Summer Global Internship

    Boston, United States

    Learn why Bostonians call the city “The Hub”

  • Summer Global Internship

    New York, United States

    Make America’s most cosmopolitan city your destination