Study Abroad in Thailand

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Thailand is the ideal location for an unforgettable study abroad experience. This beautiful Southeast Asian nation welcomes students with open arms and offers life-changing opportunities for studies in public health, development and globalization in a developing country.

In Thailand, you will have the opportunity to engage with – and give back to – the communities you’ve been working with. All CIEE Khon Kaen programs bring you into authentic engagement with communities and activists fighting for rights to health, a home, food, and livelihoods based on the surrounding environments.

Explore experiential education as you learn first-hand in the field. Collaborate with communities to understand their issues and perspectives and join in working out solutions. Travel to another Southeast Asian country to study the issues local people face there.

Through it all, be challenged by real, hands-on involvement with the communities you’ve come to know with a public-health education activity, a journalistic piece, working with a new farmers’ market, or writing a human rights report.

With peer tutors, community stays, journalistic writing and photography opportunities, cultural activities, and excursions, CIEE study abroad in Thailand is an amazing way to get to know this unique part of the world.

Study Abroad Programs in Thailand

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