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What is Reverse Culture Shock? 3 Examples

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

You’ve probably heard of culture shock , the disorienting experience of being in a new place and having to adapt to foreign customs and expectations. But did you know that... keep reading


Talks that CIEE London are excited about

By CIEE London at CIEE

Is AI an Existential Threat to Humanity? In the Southbank Centre, some of the leading experts in AI shall discuss the future of AI and technology. Hailing from MIT, Berkeley... keep reading


Brixton: My neighbourhood

By CIEE London at CIEE

Brixton is in the heart of South London, it positively pulsates with energy and diversity. Its eclectic charm draws people from all walks of life, creating a unique tapestry of... keep reading


Confronting Islam: How to Have a Change of Heart

By CIEE Rabat at CIEE

I know it’s easy to develop many stereotypes and assumptions based on the type of media or societal attitudes that we consume, just as I know it is even harder... keep reading

Phone, Money, and SIM Card

By Caroline R.

Hey! I just wanted to provide some info about what I chose to do regarding my phone and getting a Korean number/data plan, as well as money, what I budgeted... keep reading

How I Navigated a Family Emergency

By Caroline R.

This month has been quite challenging, and it's only halfway through. One morning, I got a phone call from my family that said something had happened to one of my... keep reading

BTS in Seoul: The Kpop in Korea Experience

By Tyra B.

I had a very fortunate chance of being able to go see BTS while I was in Korea. It was for their 6th Muster concert in Seoul, Day 2(June 23... keep reading


Treasure Hunt at the Bosques de Palermo in Buenos Aires

By Natalia Nadal at CIEE

By Professor Hernán Guastalegnnane Buenos Aires has many parks and plazas, they are the lungs of the city. Visitors don’t fail to be impressed at how green the city is... keep reading

Hogar Dulce Hogar: How I Found Home in Alicante, Spain

By Taryn L.

Today marks my third week in Alicante, Spain and what a journey it has been so far! Here in Alicante, I have been introduced to some wonderful people that have... keep reading

Should you do it?

By Callie O.

I used to think studying abroad was a luxury, something only the rich and elite did to slack off and party in a foreign country. I wasn’t sure if it... keep reading

"You are Invited"

By Katherine M.

In early September, I found myself standing at the Okponglo junction waiting for a tro-tro heading towards Accra. It was the second day of my internship at Future Leaders Underprivileged... keep reading

My Trip to America or the Secret Life of a Russian Student

By Ivan P.

Привет! My name is Ivan Panin and I’m a junior at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in Moscow, Russia, where I volunteer with CIEE as a Russian buddy... keep reading

Squashed with a stranger: The daily commute in a Tokyo train car.

By Emi F.

Imagine being so densely packed into a train car that you can’t even move your arms to pull your phone out of your pocket. This is the everyday reality of... keep reading

Easy Going, Except for One Day

By Gregory J.

During my Study Abroad experience in Perth, Western Australia, I witnessed how Australia remembers the soldiers who have fallen on behalf of their country. Australians are known around the world... keep reading

Feminine Streetwear

By Nisha M.

In my experiences as a Yonsei student, feminine fashion appears to be largely homogenous. The beauty and fashion industries have done a good job of working with each other to... keep reading