Your Guide to Cafe Hopping in Yeonnam: Seoul Neighborhoods Series

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Located right next to Hongdae, Yeonnam is a super cute neighborhood that has the same energetic and youthful vibe without being so overwhelming. It’s super close to Yonsei and easy to reach via bus, subway, or on foot, so it has definitely become my go-to hangout spot. 

Below, I have shared my top three cafes (plus a few honorable mentions) I’ve visited so far in Yeonnam, which are conveniently located right next to each other, making for the perfect cafe-hopping itinerary.  

Koriko Cafe Exterior
Koriko Cafe Interior

Koriko Cafe

223-96 Yeonnam-dong Mapo-gu Seoul

To my fellow Studio Ghibli lovers, this cafe was made for you! Modeled after the cafe from Kiki’s Delivery Service, Koriko Cafe allows you to step into the world of Studio Ghibli for an hour or two. 

Make sure to get to the cafe fairly early – around its opening time of 10am – before it gets too crowded. After you place your order, I recommend taking the stairs to the left of the counter to sit on the second level. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside on the balcony and enjoy a nice view of the magnolia blossom trees and the quiet backstreets of Yeonnam. Make sure to check out the cute gift shop before you leave!  

Biscuits and Scones from Cafe Layered

Cafe Layered

223-20 Yeonnam-dong Mapo-gu Seoul

In regards to taste, Cafe Layered may be my favorite cafe I’ve visited in Seoul, and I’ve visited a lot of cafes. 

This cafe specializes in European-style biscuits and scones and has a super bright and open two-floor interior with lots of seating and a balcony. It’s a really great spot to come with friends or by yourself for a solo date. In fact, it’s where I’m sitting to write this article.  

Make-Your-Own Mochi from Tenu Coffee

Tenu Coffee

241-89 Yeonnam-dong Mapo-gu Seoul

Tenu Coffee is a small cafe located inside a renovated house where you can enjoy popular East Asian desserts with a twist. 

The two desserts they are most well-known for are their bingsu (shaved ice) and their deconstructed mochi. I highly recommend ordering the mochi, which comes on a gorgeous bamboo tray with six rice cake squares, a ball of red bean paste, and strawberry slices. Have some fun making your own mochi, tailoring the portions of each ingredient to your liking.

Now, to name a few honorable honorable mentions. 


If you have cafe-hopping in Ikseon-dong on your Seoul bucketlist but want to avoid the hordes of tourists, try the quieter Yeonnam branches of Cheongsudang and Soha Salt Pond instead. They have a much more local feel and are just as delicious. 


If you want to splurge a little, head to Perlen for their “Korea to the Table” experience, described by the cafe as coffee omakase. “Korea to the Table” is a four-course tasting of Perlen’s coffees and teas paired with beautiful desserts inspired by Korean history and culture. Heads up, you do have to book this experience in advance. I tried to go with my dad when he was visiting, but we were unable to do the tasting because we had not made a reservation; however, we were still able to sit and enjoy their a-la-carte menu items.    

Gyeongui Line Forest Park Trail

That’s all of my cafe recommendations! In between or after your cafe visits, take a walk along the Gyeongui Line Forest Park Trail, grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood (a few of my favorites are Yeongyo, Damsot, and Keullae), or check out the vibrant Yeonnam shopping scene. 

I hope you enjoy your time wandering through this lively neighborhood filled with trendy spots and hidden gems alike.