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Studying abroad in Prague is like being in a fairy tale. A backdrop of castles and gothic architecture, combined with the hourly chime of Prague’s astronomical clock, harkens memories of Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. You’re sure to fall in love with the magical feeling that arises as you walk through the cobblestoned streets of Prague. But that’s not the only reason you’ll want to join your fellow students flocking to Prague to study abroad …  

Affordable cost of living

Your bank account is going to thank you for studying abroad in Prague. One U.S. dollar takes you far, so it’s easy to live comfortably while studying there. For example, enjoy potato soup or dumplings and a drink for less than $8. Treat yourself to a nice schnitzel dinner and a drink for only $10. Not bad at all! Groceries are also a bargain. The cost of staples like milk, eggs and apples is considerably less than you’d expect.

Getting around the city is economical, too. An unlimited monthly pass for subways, trams, and buses costs just 550 Kč – less than $27 a month, and will take you from one end of the city to the other. Also, since Prague sits smack in the middle of Europe, traveling to other countries is quick and cheap. Hop on a three-hour train ride to Berlin for $64, or head to Vienna for just $19 by bus.

History and art everywhere

Living in Prague is inexpensive, but your surroundings are anything but! Prague is filled with stunning castles, gothic-style cathedrals, and historical monuments throughout the city. Walk the cobblestone streets and feel the historical ambience in all directions, like Prague Castle that dates back to the 9th century, Powder Tower that was completed in 1475, and the Charles Bridge, constructed to cross the picturesque Vltava River in 1357.

There are also over 40 theaters, 20 cinemas, and 15 art galleries. Spend a weekend exploring museums like the Franz Kafka Museum, the National Museum, and the Museum of Communism. You can really get a renewed appreciation for history and culture studying abroad in Prague. 

Activities and events year-round

It’s hard to imagine anyone being bored in Prague. No matter what day, or time of year, there’s always something fun to do! Canoe down the Vltava River, then shop for produce at the Naplavaka Market. Enjoy a Trdelník, a sweet pastry topped with sugar and walnut mix, at a local café after exploring the Wallenstein Garden. Take in an AC Sparta Praha soccer match with locals.

When the weather turns warm, you’ll find a festival nearly every weekend. Listen to live music at the Prague Spring International Music festival, watch dancers and other performers at the Prague Fringe Festival, or eat your way through the Prague Food Festival. From art, film, and other cultural events, there is always something for you.

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