Why you should study abroad in London

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Claire B.

Claire B.

The world is full of different places to explore and each area around the world offers something different. While all of that is incredibly exciting, it makes choosing where to study abroad very difficult. CIEE offers so many different programs so you are bound to find your perfect fit, but to make the decision process just a little easier, here's 5 reasons why you should study abroad in London!

1. London is full of life

You will never have to worry about not having something to do. Since the city is so big there are so many new areas to explore. I lived in London for a full month and still don’t think I made a dent in all there was to see. Whether it be shopping around Covent Garden or checking out one of London's numerous markets, I can guarantee you will never be bored. If you don't get overwhelmed in a big city, London will be perfect for you. 

2. The people are so kind

I was very nervous going into a new city but the CIEE staff was incredibly accommodating and went out of their way to make me feel at home. Also, the locals were very helpful whenever I was lost or needed help with anything. I met so many wonderful people while I was in London that I still talk to them even now that I’m home. 

3. London is full of different cultures

London is incredibly multicultural and there are people from all backgrounds and walks of life. I was able to immerse myself in so many different cultures and try new things. I met many people that were very interested in American culture and I was able to engage in so many interesting conversations regarding culture and how life varies from place to place. 

4. Transportation is easy to figure out

Because London is so big, effective transportation is so important. The tube is very easy to understand after a couple of tries. London is also a very walkable city so, with the use of a trustee GPS, you will be finding your way around in no time. 

5. Safety

I felt very safe while I was in London. Even when I would go and walk around by myself, I felt incredibly safe. We were given a safety briefing at the beginning of our trip where we went over general safety practices that made me feel a lot more prepared for life in London. While you still need to be cautious and have common sense, I felt very safe while I was abroad.


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