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Study abroad in Amsterdam and you’ll discover a vibrant and colorful European city home to famous museums and Renaissance-era architecture. Dubbed “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam’s 1,281 picturesque bridges and 165 winding canals connect this Dutch metropolis together in a quaint fashion, giving it a hometown feel. Like most visitors, you’ll quickly fall in love with its many charms…


The Netherlands ranks among the top ten happiest places on earth. The Dutch lead a liberal, laissez-faire approach to life. Dutch values include the right to love, “gezellig” (meaning “coziness”), a start-up spirit that nurtures new talent, and a strong work-life balance that results in some of the lowest working hours in Europe. The Dutch mindset is all about equality, enjoyment, and learning.


Second to Copenhagen, Amsterdam tops the list of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. With over 800,000 bicycles in the city, there are more bikes than people! Amsterdam has well-developed pathways, signage, and traffic lights solely dedicated to cyclists - making two-wheels the ideal form of transportation around the city. 


If you’re a history buff, Amsterdam is where it’s at! Consider the Van Gogh Museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of paintings, letters, and drawings from world-renowned artist Vincent van Gogh. Visit the Anne Frank House, a museum dedicated to WWII teenage diarist Anne Frank and her family, and the actual hiding place they lived in to evade the Nazis. Don’t miss touring Rijksmuseum, a national Dutch museum dedicated to showcasing Amsterdam’s arts and history.


Tantalize your culinary palette with Dutch cuisine! Dine with a traditional plate of “stamppot” (meaning “mash pot”) involving sausage, carrots, onions, and potatoes. Enjoy Stroopwafel, a popular Dutch dessert found in street markets and bakeries made by sticking two thin waffles together with a layer of sweet syrup. Dutch cheese is also a must-have while in Amsterdam, so remember to stop by one of the city’s many “kaas” markets for Gouda or “Geitenkaas” (meaning “goat cheese).

And this is just for starters! There is so much more to discover and explore in this magnificent little city. Study abroad in Amsterdam and you’ll join thousands of students from around the world who choose to expand their academics here! Get started on your Dutch adventure!

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