Why Choose Buenos Aires?

Fair question, right? CIEE has Global Institutes in 14 incredible cities around the globe where you can take part in the Open Campus Block Program. Why choose Buenos Aires?

This question was posed to three students who’d just arrived in Buenos Aires to begin their first six-week Open Campus block. Let me introduce you:

Nate N. is a senior at University of Colorado Boulder with a double major in neuroscience and music. He arrived at college thinking he would study to become a classical clarinetist, but after one neuroscience class, he was hooked. Here’s why he’s now eating steak in downtown Buenos Aires:

Almost everyone I know studies abroad in Europe. I didn’t want that. I was looking for a progressive city with an LGBTQ community where I would feel safe and welcome. 

Maya C. is a senior at Tulane University majoring in public health and sociology. After spending a summer studying abroad in Cuba, Maya knew she wanted to improve her Spanish language skills. Here’s why Buenos Aires was her go-to for her first Open Campus Block:

Like Nate, most of my friends went to Europe. I did not want to go to Europe. I wanted something different – I was looking for a one-of-a-kind experience I couldn’t get anywhere else.

Emma H. is a junior at Western Washington University majoring in anthropology and international relations. She discovered CIEE’s Open Campus Block program at a study abroad fair at her school and decided it was for her. Here’s why she landed in Buenos Aires:

I chose Buenos Aires because I didn’t want an Americanized study abroad experience. By that I mean, I didn’t want to be spending a semester hanging out with a bunch of Americans. 

Is Buenos Aires right for you? Take a look!

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